12 Stress-Free Test Prep Fun Ideas

The days before tests are always known as the stressful days for students and teachers. It should not be. It should be fun because as simple as it might sound – children learn more when having fun and teachers become more relaxed when they see their students “getting it”. The internet is filled with lots of ideas from amazing teachers and I created something to relieve the stress and brighten up your classroom or hallways before testing. 

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15 Pay it Forward Resources for Kids – Books, Activities, Videos – Lets Change the World

The smallest thing can make the biggest impact. Teaching children to get in the habit of doing kind things and paying it forward helps build a better future and can change our world.

Currently, we hear of so many bad things happening all over the world and it sometimes makes us feel like everyone is losing their minds – like there is no more good around us – like it’s almost the end of the world. That’s not true. There are still good people everywhere and there are many people that need our help. It does not need to be something big. It could be something as simple as a smile that would change someone’s life.  Continue reading “15 Pay it Forward Resources for Kids – Books, Activities, Videos – Lets Change the World”

10 Incredible Items that Help Kids Master The Alphabet

These items found on Amazon help children learn the letters efficiently and enjoyably. The alphabets are the building blocks of language and in order to learn how to read and write, they must be able to recognize each letter as well as the sounds connected with that letter. They must also know the letters in order and out of order. 

Learning the alphabet should begin in early childhood when the brain is fast at grasping information and making them stick. It is recommended to start learning the letters even before preschool age. The most important tip is make learning fun! Use a variety of learning tools – not just alphabet books. Children need to create, touch, and use their senses in order to learn quickly and effectively.  Continue reading “10 Incredible Items that Help Kids Master The Alphabet”