The days before tests are always known as the stressful days for students and teachers. It should not be. It should be fun because as simple as it might sound – children learn more when having fun and teachers become more relaxed when they see their students “getting it”. The internet is filled with lots of ideas from amazing teachers and I created something to relieve the stress and brighten up your classroom or hallways before testing. 

1. Growth Mindset Banners for your students to color and then hang up for motivation!

Your students will love coloring in these banners! There are 30 unique banners with motivational quotes and nice designs to personalize your classroom. Coloring relieves stress, end of story.

2. The No Name Game

The No Name game got it’s name because the teacher didn’t know what to name it so I will just go with the bucket game. Basically, you make copies of a test and cut the questions apart. Have each bucket (basket, container, etc) numbered and place each question next to its appropriate bucket. Students get a question and answers it and if it is right, they put it in the bucket for a chance to get a prize. If it is wrong… Just head on over to third grade experience blog to get the extra details and helpful examples for this game and then come back here for more test prep ideas!

3. “Eye Catching” Strategies

This activity is a great small group activity that involves students to review and share strategies with each other. The end result is definitely eye catching when the students start to personalize their work. Check out the full details at working for the classroom blog. 

4. Stinky Feet 

This activity looks like so much fun. You will need sticky notes and a poster that you can draw a stinky foot on. The sticky notes have positive and negative point values which makes the game interesting. You can find the full details of this activity at Teaching in The Fast Lane Blog. 

5. Trashkitball Review Game 

How many times do you see a student try to throw a paper ball in the basket during the school year? I see it many times ( I used to do it when I was in school too). Students will be interested in this review game but you will need many worksheets that will teach the desired skill. Take a look at Mrs. E Teaches Math blog to get the details.   

6. Football Frenzy 

For this uniquely fun activity, you will need to cover your wall with green paper. Team work will be required but the students will definitely have fun kicking a field goal with a tiny paper football! Check it out at Maneuvering the Middle blog. 

7. Test Prep motivation using student names 

The source is unknown for this activity but I thought it was a great idea. Basically, the students write and acrostic using their names with advice for doing well on the test. For example – the G in the name Gracie reads, “Get a good nights sleep”, The R reads, “Read the questions very carefully.”, and so on. 

8. Graffiti Style Prep

You will need butcher paper for this one. This activity is helpful in showing how particular steps are important to take as a good test taker. Head on over to Teaching to Inspire blog to get the details and then come back for more ideas. 

9. Jeopardy Quiz Show 

Who doesn’t love a game of Jeopardy? I know I do. Students get excited when you tell them your going to play a game especially if there is a little bit of competition. For this game, you will be using task cards that will be placed in pocket charts. You can find how to play this game from Teaching with Task Cards blog. 

10. Test Prep Olympics 

Who would have thought of the Olympics when dealing with testing at the end of the year? I would pass out a thumbs up trophy for the students to get them motivated and proud. This is interesting and you can check out the details HERE.

11. Jenga Review


Jenga is fun and the directions are simple. You can make learning fun with this so check it out at Teaching to Inspire blog. 

12. You are In Control 

This is simple yet effective. Many students love playing video games so incorporating a controller with test strategies would be a good idea. Source: Crozet School Counseling 

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