The Day the Crayons Quit is definitely a fantastic book for children! Each color comes to life by writing letters to a character in the story named Duncan. Their letters explain why they quit because of how they are being used. For example, black wants to be used for more than just outlining and blue needs a break from coloring all the bodies of water. Yellow and Orange explain why they are mad at each other – each believes he is the true color of the sun.

If you have not purchased the book yet, here it is ( you can even try checking your public library to see if they have it): 

A great book needs great activities too, right? Before taking a look at my fabulous list of creative activities you can work on after reading the book, take a look at my unit that includes interactive notebook activities and task cards. 


Creative Activities for “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt

1. Popsicle stick crayon craft – by The Pinterested Parent – These popsicle sticks crayons can be used as bookmarks! Such a cute idea by Kim. Children would want to read just so that they can use them!

2. Crayon Box Craft – By Buggy and buddy – This is a great retelling activity using an empty crayon box. This comes with free printable crayons and word bubbles. So much fun to make! 

3. Writing Activity – by Homegrown Friends – Meredith explains how she discussed the story before beginning the writing activity. She also provides you with the writing sheet she used with her kids and then she gave them a white paper to draw their pictures using their favorite color crayon.  

4. Make Crayon People – template provided by Cara Carroll – ‘Preschool Wonders’ shows pictures of her students crayon people and then has a free PowerPoint presentation in her store. The presentation is great to go with the story that includes essential questions to check the student’s comprehension. 

5. Paper Doll Crayons – by Jaime – students will have so much fun dressing their crayons! She has some easy to follow instructions on her blog that shows how they went about making them.

 6. Crayon Hats – by the House that Lars Built – if you follow the instructions you will end up with a great costume! It would be nice to dress like a crayon while reading the book about crayons, right? 

7. Make Sun Catchers using crayons! – by This Grandma is Fun – Who would not like some colorful sun catchers to put next to a bright window?

8. Crazy Crayon craft with a free template – This is very simple to make. Simply print, cut, and glue together for some craziness. 

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9. Graphing Colors – by Momfessionals – This would be a good idea to work on especially if learning how to graph. Math and reading can go hand in hand. The graphing sheet is unavalable for download on their website but if you search “graphing colors sheet” and click on images on Google, you might find a few you can use instead, otherwise I would create my own on PowerPoint. 

10. Crayon Art Sculpture – by MeriCherry – This is actually one my favorite looking activity. Yes, I saved my best for last. I thought it looked nice and fun to make! The best part is you do not need many supplies (3 total). 

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