Explore the human body with fun and exciting activities and experiments. I have compiled a great list for you to choose from as well as some great resources and a pack I created for the hard working teachers. Check out my best selling and favorite unit on the human body (found here) and then take a look at the amazing list!

I also found a fun and educational SmartLab Package that contains everything you need to accompany all of the activities and worksheets you use when teaching about the human body. Lets make science an adventure with this squishy human body model. Keep it and use it every year for a hands on learning unit. 

21 Super Fun Human Body Activities and Experiments

1. Make a blood model – Who would have thought cheerios can make good looking red blood cells? They also used marshmallows to represent white blood cells which I thought was a great idea. 

2. Create a candy spinal cord – Spinal cords can be edible right? well.. not really, but in science class it can be. When you put children and candy in one room, you know what happens. This activity is definitely an attention grabber. 

3. Build a model of the kidneys and bladder – You can definitely make use of a clothing rack with this project. If you have a large class, I would think it would be a good idea for the teacher to create it and then use it as a model for the students.  

4. Red blood cell membrane experiment – This experiment illustrated the concept of osmosis in a fun and unique way!

5. Make model lungs – You probably have all of the materials to make this model. 

6. Build a robotic hand – I remember building these hands when I was younger and It was one of my favorite activities! This will be a big hit and it does not require much material. 

7. Create an edible cell – Learning about cells? How about using candy to represent the different cell organelles?

8. Working heart experiment – You will need icing and marshmallows for this one. I just love edible things! Learning and eating goes hand in hand. 

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9. Make an anatomical model of the human heart – You will need modeling clay for this activity. When you begin learning about the cardiovascular system, creating a model of the heart will help them remember all of the terms and blood flow process. 

10. Outdoor stem activity – how long are your small intestines? The small intestines are super long and many people don’t realize it because of how it can be able to fit in the human body. You will need a garden hose, a ruler, and a tape measure for this activity but it definitely is a clever experiment when dealing with the digestive system. 

11. How bile breaks down fat experiment – This is a great and simple experiment that will help demonstrate a part of the digestive system. 

12. Create a model of the digestive system – This is one of my favorite models of the digestive system. They used many things you can find at home and put them together to create the model and show the process. 

13. Stomach digestion experiment – You will need a lemon for this simple and fast experiment. This experiment was from Sid the Science Kid and nurtering learning demonstrated the process on their site. 

14. Stomach acid experiment – If you have fruit and lemon juice close by, this experiment can be a quick way to demonstrate stomach acid and how it breaks down food in your stomach. 

15. Make a model of the respiratory system – Combine science and art with this cute activity!

16. Make a breathing machine – This is my ultimate favorite activity! Your students will love this from Maker Lab. Just print out the free instructions and follow the directions. So much fun. 

17. Make a set of working lungs – Another fun lung activity! 

18. Organ Cage Activity – If you scroll down after clicking the link to be directed to the page on our time to learn blog, you will find directions on how they created it. it is a great activity to try in class because it only needs paper, colors, tape, and scissors. 

19. Create a human arm model 

20. Make a Popsicle stick arm – Each person can make this stick arm that doesn’t take up too much space because you will be dealing with small materials such as rubber bands and Popsicle sticks.

21. Edible skin layers cake – This is a yummy and creative project when learning about the Integumentary system. The kids will definitely love this one! 

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